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Our intention is to provide high quality products at reasonable price and in a short time horizon.

Here, in VN Technik, we are interested in chip machining of metals. Our main goal is to provide our customers complex services in the field of chip machining including milling, turning and grinding with paying attention to the quality and accuracy of treatment. We offer manufacturing processes mentioned above and we also provide heat treatment of products and their surface treatment. Our manufacturing capacity allows us to provide a one-piece production as well as production of parts in a higher amount.

High qualified staff with years of experience together with modern machines and equipment help us to meet our customers’ requirements. Our attitude is based on reliable long-term partnerships, where both sides are satisfied./p> contact us

Services in the area of metal working

Chip machining

Chip machining of metals and manufacture of products based on a requirements of our clients is our main production activity.

We are specialized in CNC milling of flat and surfaces of different shapes on 3-axis CNC milling machine HAAS VF3. We also provide CNC turning, grinding of flat and round surfaces and wire eroding at reasonable prices.

Heat treatment

We’re doing our best in providing complex services in the area of metal working. Therefore, our offer includes also heat treatment operations. Under the term heat treatment are included technological operations, where mechanical and sometimes chemical properties of various materials, most commonly steel, are changed by affecting of heat under certain circumstances. This means that heating, holding on specific temperature and cooling rate are precisely controlled and depend on time.

Heat treatment operations we offer are hardening, carburizing, induction hardening, tempering, annealing and nitriding.

Surface treatment

Surface treatment operation after chip machining are important in order to increase some mechanical or chemical properties of surfaces such as corrosion resistance, wear resistance or just to improve appearance. This operation might rapidly extend lifespan of the parts. The most common treatments we provide are blackening, eloxation / anodization of aluminium, sandblasting and zinc coating.

Client requests

Here in VN Technik, satisfaction of our clients is our priority. To reach this goal, we’re doing our best to provide also other services in the area of metal working and chip machining in accordance with our client requests. Don’t hesitate to contact us also in the case of uncertainty, whether our offer fulfil your requests.

VN Technik is the right choice in the attributes of quality and reliability. Contact us in the case of interest!


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